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EDDL 5131 – Week 8: Audio Filters (Activity 5)

I used the “Oral Book Reports” (Unidentified & Meyers, 1967/1968) clip to practice on how to remove background noise. This clip has a lot of “humming sound on the background. By adjusting the default settings to the following levels, it removed the noise quite significantly.
• Noise reduction(dB) = 6
• Sensitivity = 6.0 (default)
• Frequency smoothing (bands) = 6

Listen to the following two clips to see the difference in the level of background noise:
Audio Player 1

Audio Player 2 (noise reduction)

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  1. Keith Webster

    This piece of audio is very challenging to clean up but you’ve managed to improve it. One issue is that the Internet Archive copy of this piece didn’t have a longer silent segment to sample before applying a filter.

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