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Activity 8: Outline a Student Graphics Activity

Create a poster to show some examples of fibre-rich foods

Goal: The purpose of this assignment is to create a poster to show some examples of fibre-rich foods

Scope/Boundaries: This is an individual work activity. Students will create a poster using Microsoft Word to show some examples of fibre-rich foods they learned in class. Each food item must be clearly labeled. Students will search for food images from a list of websites provided. This poster is a living document, more fibre-rich foods can be added to the poster later on. Students can use the poster as a study aid to help them store information.

 Tutorial: Students will be provided with a short demonstration on how to use some features in the Microsoft Words such as text box, WordArt, colour and lines, AutoShapes and how to insert images into a document.

Students will also be provided with the following websites to search for food images.





This is an example of a fibre-rich poster


  1. Karine Hamm

    I also like the website: ‘Openverse’ – https://openverse.org to find images with a Creative Commons license.

  2. Keith Webster

    There are a lot of creative commons / public domain sources these days. I was in a meeting with a visual design professor from Sheridan College in Toronto and he’s working on incorporating AI graphics design into the early stage of media assignments. Apparently these tools require several iterations of instructions to get to an acceptable image.

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