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EDDL 5131 – Week 7: Student Media Project and Rubric

Reducing Food Waste

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this assignment, students should be able to:
1. Demonstrate an increased knowledge of food waste and awareness of the need to reduce food waste.
2. Develop an effective educational tool through the creation of a narrated PowerPoint presentation on food waste.

Purpose of the Assignment
Food waste is a serious issue in Canada. Canadians waste $31 billion of food annually, and that half of the waste occurs at the household level. There are significant social, environmental, and economic implications for our society.
The purpose of this assignment is to develop an educational tool to raise awareness about food waste issues and offer strategies for reducing food wastage. Dietetic interns will create a narrated PowerPoint presentation on food waste reduction by incorporating multimedia elements to enhance learning. The final product will be used as an educational tool for community members working in the food services area.


Interns will work in pairs to create a 10-15 minute food waste educational PowerPoint presentation (with an audio narration voiceover) using background information provided to them. The PowerPoint presentation will be assessed for information synthesis skills, contents (accuracy, understanding of the topic), communication (quality of narration), and technical components (text, graphics, aesthetic appeal, layout, writing).
Interns will use Microsoft PowerPoint to create slides and record audio narration voice-over for the educational topic.
Interns can review the steps of creating a narrated PowerPoint presentation here:
PowerPoint: How to Add Audio to Powerpoint on Windows 10 and Mac

This is one of the projects that dietetic interns have to complete during their 5-week placement with the Health Unit.

During the first week, interns will review research and background information provided to them on food waste in preparation for the project.

During the second week, interns will create slides and search for images to be used on the slides.

During the third week, interns will develop a script, and set up timing for each slide.

During the fourth week, interns will rehearse, and record narration for each slide

During the fifth week – Interns will present the draft presentation to the preceptors. Interns will then modify their presentation based on the feedback received.


Provision Colition (2013). Developing an industry led approach
to addressing food waste in Canada.

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  1. Karine Hamm

    I love this but I wonder if you could find a way to assign less marks for certain categories? For example, you gave the same weighting to narration and integration and synthesis of information. It seems that the research piece and content curation might be worth more than narration? Perhaps separating ‘integration’ and ‘synthesis’ in two categories?

    • Chwen

      Hi Karine,
      Thanks for your feedback. Great suggestion about assigning different weighting to narration.

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